• Testimonials

  • I want to personally thank each of you for submitting your SD package on time and also in such a complete form. This is one of the most complete SD packages Scott and I have ever seen -- especially with all the write-ups. Tremendous job. We look forward to working with each of you through this process to deliver the attached.
    Thomas E. Huth, President & CEO, Palladium USA International, Inc.
  • I wanted to reach out and let you know how much we appreciate and value our working relationship with Jordan & Skala. Ron McKinney, in particular, goes above and beyond the call of duty to be helpful to us and our clients. I called Ron and he took time out of his Saturday to talk me through some scenarios. I am equally grateful and impressed that Ron would be so generous and helpful to help me troubleshoot a problem at project that he had nothing to do with. That kind of customer service is rare and I can’t thank Ron enough for being so helpful that day. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoy working with Ron and your team at Jordan & Skala. I look forward to future business together.
    Scott Betzold, AIA, LEED AP, Managing Partner, d3 Studio
  • The entire residential team is doing a fantastic job and she has really enjoyed working with everyone on that team. Your firm is definitely on our “great” list and we will be sure to keep you in mind for all future projects and opportunities.
  • Waco Fire Stations #1 and #3, Jordan & Skala Engineers
    It has truly been a pleasure working with Jordan & Skala Engineers on these projects!
    Waco Fire Stations #1 and #3
  • From the early days of conception planning, the design phase and during construction your designers were instrumental in assisting with us cost saving solutions that enabled the project to maintain the Owners project budget.
    Harper & Company Builders Inc.
  • I appreciate the time and effort your team puts into each project we have worked on together in the past, and look forward to another successful one in the near future.
    Mark J. Duran, Architectural Project Executive, Worth Group
  • Jordan & Skala Engineers gives careful consideration to project first cost as well as long-term MEP systems maintainability. They incorporate a design-build mentality, with the capability and flexibility to work in a mutually rewarding relationship with contractors to ensure that a cost-effective, carefully coordinated product is delivered to the client. The quality control process implemented at Jordan & Skala is above and beyond that of other MEP consultants. A multi-level peer review process across all disciplines ensures that all aspects of the MEP design are well-coordinated, constructable, and economical.
    Andres Construction Services
  • WOW, guys. The drawings for 50% are above and beyond what I was expecting. The amount of information and clarity of the drawings is what I've been wanting to see for years in the MEP drawings. 3D views of the piping in the units are fantastic, and to be able to see the equipment in the pump room is great. Thank you very much for your hard work, and I'm very excited to see what the full CDs look like.
    Matt Lee, Associate, Hord Coplan Macht
  • Thank you Aaron (McEwin)! Congratulations to you all too! We will definitely send you all one of the LEED Certificates when we receive them. Thank you all so much. We really appreciate all your hard work on this project and enjoyed working with you all very much! I hope we can work together in the near future as well.
  • Jordan & Skala has exhibited tremendous efforts to provide timely responses on all RFIs and Submittals. We are all extremely proud of your hard work... You have both gone above and beyond to provide the highest quality of construction support in extreme conditions and due to an inordinate amount of construction-related errors...
    Bradfield, Richards, Rhodes & Associates
  • I can’t tell you enough how grateful we are for your help! You are definitely our go-to guy(s) whenever this comes up again (if you don’t mind)! Thanks, again!
    Bretta Maldonado, Owner of Go Studio, Pure Barre project
  • Jordan Skala has been a big asset to our business. We have found teaming up with mechanical engineers ensures our multifamily projects to be smooth and efficient. We have enjoyed working with JSE on many projects throughout the past 10 years. It is very important to us to have engineers that we can call, email or text and get a quick response from and JSE has provided that smooth working relationship!
    Pearson Mechanical
  • It is with pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Jordan & Skala Engineers on One Lakes Edge. Jordan & Skala talks about listening, communicating, and adapting as part of their mission. We had a great experience working with the entire design team. The proactive involvement of everyone during the design and construction phases allowed the construction to flow seamless with no interruptions in the project schedule. The design team was always willing to help and adapt as necessary to fit the project demands. We are extremely pleased with the team at Jordan & Skala Engineers for this very successful project. Our mutual interest in serving our client, and delivering a quality outcome we can all be proud of, was very evident. Jordan & Skala's entire team was very professional, diligent, and committed to client service. We look forward to working with Jordan & Skala on many more projects in the future. Congratulations to you and the entire team, and thank you for this successful project.
    Brandon Dexter, General Superintendent, Hoar Construction
  • I have been very pleased with the knowledge and understanding and the “listening to the client” I have seen with Jordan & Skala Engineers.
    Fairfield Development L.P.
  • Thanks Andy (Smith). You always are a great participant and have such penetrating commentary. It is really important to me to hear your thoughts... I love to watch how you think through the issues. So, thanks for taking the time.
    U.S. Eco Logic
  • I would like to personally thank each of you for your companies contributions to the Residences at the Collection Project. I am attaching the final aerial photos of the site for your viewing. This is a project that turned out very well and each of you and your staff deserve thanks for the success of the project!
    Embrey Partners, Ltd.
  • Just wanted to give you guys a big THANK YOU for your expeditious efforts on all these projects. You guys have been awesome and CMA greatly appreciates your efforts over these last couple weeks. All of these projects have been successfully uploaded for the national coffee retailer and will be going to permit today.
    CMA Architects
  • We all have a job to do and count on each other. It can be a job or an experience. Today was a collaborative effort that achieves a greater goal. I know I can count on you – you have that competitive spirit
    Andres Construction
  • Your team has done a great job on our Manvel and Downtown deals. They have done exceptional work.
    Tommy Le, Associate, Allied Orion Group
  • They have produced very good MEP design drawings on the last several projects we have completed.
    ARCH-CON Corporation
  • Fountain Residential Partners, Jordan & Skala Engineers
    This was not an uncomplicated project. Six Sigma would tell us that a project of this complexity, with little margin for error both physically (on a tight site) and in schedule, with a new team, would be an almost certain failure. Instead, it is an unmitigated success. Thank you all for your individual and collective efforts.
    Fountain Residential Partners
  • I just wanted to say how much I appreciate working with Jordan & Skala! For my money, there is not a better MEP consultant out there, and I push for you guys on every job. Corey, Kurt, and everyone else I have worked with over the past few years have always gone out of their way to get projects in on time and are very responsive when issues arise. Thank you guys for your hard work and service!
    Darren Dobbins, Project Architect, BGO Architects
  • Design District, Alexan Southwestern, and Farmers Market, Jordan & Skala Engineers
    These guys are really great to work with. I never had any problems in getting drawings from them even during a really tight schedule. They have extensive experience and their service is exceptional.
    Design District, Alexan Southwestern, and Farmers Market
  • These documents are without a doubt the most comprehensive and well-coordinated set on an Embassy Suites that I have had a pleasure to review in the 18 years that I have been doing so. Consider these documents in compliance with Embassy Suites Design & Construction Standards and approved for construction.
    Hilton Worldwide
  • Kenton McNabb has really taken the reigns and done an extraordinary job. He came in cold, got up to speed, solved problems and responded thoughtfully in a timely manner. I am very appreciative of him for his talents. He has coordinated with the plumbing contractor, the civil engineer, the structural drawings and the plan reviewer. I’m also confident that the plumbing portion is correct and coordinated to best extent possible.
    Heffner Architects
  • We have been enjoying working with your team. Your proactive approach has been refreshing. We look forward to continuing with more projects in the future.
    Jennifer Bettiol, Associate/Project Manager, Brown Reynolds Watford Architects
  • Jordan and Skala has been a key member of each of our Dallas development deals in 2012. They complete their work on time, are good communicators and most importantly, design the product to specifications. We’ll continue to recommend JSE to the market.
    Trammell Crow Residential
  • Power Design truly enjoys working with your [D.C.] office and all others throughout the country. We have a very collaborative relationship, sharing ideas, equipment changes, and product updates. Jordan & Skala has been a proven partner in providing a lean design while not compromising the final product and has our utmost respect in all markets.
    Leslie Logue, Preconstruction Manager, Power Design Incorporated
  • Your professionalism, expertise and input provided us with a degree of comfort that we all welcomed. We look forward to working with you on this and other projects.
    FreshBerry Frozen Yogurt Café
  • Thanks. You guys turned this around when you said you would. You met our deadline and we do appreciate your efforts.
    Al Stephens Cosmetology
  • We have worked with Jordan & Skala on three of our projects totaling $450 million in hard costs. We consider them partners and would certainly work with them in the future.
    Daniel Corporation
  • Mattress Firm Brazos Town Center, Jordan & Skala Engineers
    You certainly rose to the challenge again. Great job! We really appreciate everything you and JSE do and how hard you work.
    Mattress Firm Brazos Town Center
  • Jordan and Skala Engineers continually adapts to the changing design and construction environment. Whether it is sustainable design, schedule, budget, or job conditions, you can count on them to diligently work until the clients’ goals are met.
    Texas AirSystems
  • Always a pleasure working with all of you and still to date… the best damn MEP engineers I have ever worked with.
    Hensley Lamkin Rachel, Inc.
  • Jordan & Skala Engineers is committed to outstanding customer service, timely responsiveness, and positive client relations, providing a quality product in a timely manner. They incorporate a desire to understand the client’s needs and evaluate all design options, introducing alternatives if appropriate.
    Andres Construction Services