Why Jordan & Skala?

Technical Capability

Technological advances within the consulting engineering industry continually emerge.

Our multi-discipline teams are assembled specifically to employ this process in the services we offer. We seek to understand and fulfill our clients’ expectations by applying a custom approach to each project that we design. We believe that teamwork and frequent communication with the design and ownership team are essential to a successful project. That is why Jordan & Skala Engineers is consistently a successful team member. We listen, we communicate, we adapt, and we support the project goals.


Quality of service is paramount to our firm.

Experienced engineering firms understand that absent quality, true success can never be attained. Jordan & Skala Engineers strives to deliver quality by combining two key strategies: assurance and control.

JSE’s quality assurance is maintained by broad process elements such as our multi-disciplined team structure, technical supervision (both within and outside of team), in-house education classes, market-current standards and designer checklists… to name just a few.

At the project level, quality control is given to the deliverables through a variety of functions, including mandatory cross-coordination meetings, peer-to-peer reviews, and thorough reviews by senior supervisory staff.

Regional Expertise

Regional office locations afford our design teams to work in close proximity to clients, allowing for better project organization, teamwork and coordination.

With offices located across the U.S., Jordan & Skala Engineers gains knowledge of construction trade differences among varying regions of the United States.  Construction means and methods performed in the western U.S. are different than those in the midwest, northeast and southeast.  Our breadth of knowledge and experience in different regions of the country enables a more precise selection of equipment and system types.

Comprehensive Services

While Jordan & Skala is originally rooted in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, we also perform the following design services, setting us apart from the traditional MEP firm:

  • Communications (structured cabling)
  • Security
  • Audio-Visual
  • Comprehensive Energy Services (sustainable design, LEED services, building energy modeling, energy auditing and commissioning)
  • Facility Assessments

Through providing these specialized services, our staff has an enhanced understanding of the diverse trades within the construction industry.

This broad range of services affords JSE greater control over interdisciplinary coordination, which is a key element to completing successful projects. Our mission is to provide a greater range of engineering solutions that present value to our clients.

Breadth of Experience

Jordan & Skala’s experience is multi-faceted, reflecting our firm’s considerable history and growth, diverse project markets, and regional diversity.

Established in 1953, our firm has grown to be one of the largest consulting engineering firms in the United States, ranked by trade publications as a “top 50” consulting engineering firm for several years.

Originally founded as a mechanical firm, we have expanded our services year after year in response to the demands of our industry.  JSE now boasts mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communications, security, audio-visual, and energy design services. Our market experience is broad, including corporate, criminal justice, education, entertainment, food service, government, healthcare, historic, hospitality, industrial, laboratory, mixed-use, religious, residential, retail/shopping and sports/recreation. Multiple offices across the U.S. afford JSE the manpower and regional knowledge to successfully participate in any project, regardless of its size or location. Jordan & Skala maintains professional registrations in all 50 states and is a member of numerous organizations that promote education and growth.