Kurt Heinnemann

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Kurt Heinnemann

Principal, Tampa

With over 25 years of comprehensive experience in engineering, construction, and project management, Kurt Heinemann has been a pivotal force at Jordan & Skala Engineers since 2013. Currently serving as one of our Principals and Team Leaders, he is set to extend his influence as the office leader for our new Florida office.

In his dual roles, Kurt is tasked with directing a team of engineers and designers, overseeing the entire project life cycle from initiation to completion. As a Principal and Team Leader, he takes charge of client kick-off meetings, acting as the primary point of contact throughout the project. Kurt, with his extensive experience, drives deadlines, establishes project goals, and coordinates all design aspects. His hands-on involvement includes reviewing project documents, developing design budgets, meeting with clients, and regularly assessing work progress to align with client budgets and expectations.

Kurt’s reputation as a highly respected leader within the firm is attributed to his multi-disciplinary expertise, spanning mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and low voltage systems. Proficient in AutoCad, Revit, BIM, Trace, Wrightsoft Manual J, and HAP modeling systems, Kurt embraces challenging projects, consistently delivering results on time and within budget. His dedication to his team and projects positions him as a go-to leader for both Jordan & Skala and his clients.