Preemptively resolve design conflicts by leveraging data-backed technology combined with an integrated project approach.

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Optimized Design, Streamlined Coordination

Generate 3D design renderings of buildings based on multidisciplinary data, providing opportunities to optimize design efficiency and reduce potential conflicts.

Integrated design and managed maintenance mean less time and less cost – and Building Information Modeling (BIM)/REVIT is a useful and powerful tool for both collaboration and coordination. Using BIM/REVIT models allows the project team to preemptively detect any potential design conflicts, more efficiently allocate spatial requirements for systems, as well as create maintenance databases of system components and placed material.

Whether for a renovation, retrofit, or new construction project, Jordan & Skala Engineers utilizes the latest three-dimensional design products to create seamless two-dimensional construction documents for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs. Our BIM/REVIT production staff has vast experience utilizing this powerful design and coordination software across all the MEP disciplines. Jordan & Skala’s comprehensive BIM models are provided as a part of our design package and include up-to-date data libraries of all available systems from each engineering discipline, including Communications, Security, and Audio/Visual.

BIM/REVIT Services

Why JSE?

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Expert Modelers

Holding multiple certifications, including mechanical and electrical AutoCAD certifications, our team is well-prepared to create efficiencies and preemptively detect conflicts in MEP, sustainability, and low-voltage designs, whether the project is a renovation, retrofit, or new construction.
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Years of Experience

Jordan & Skala Engineers has utilized REVIT since 2010. With over a decade of experience in the software and the comprehensive Autodesk Construction Cloud, our seasoned staff implements seamless design and coordination programs across all disciplines.
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Dedicated Department

Jordan & Skala has a robust department dedicated to the use of REVIT and its company-wide success within our teams. This group ensures our BIM models are comprehensive, all libraries in available systems are up to date, and employees have access to the latest software versions.


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Ross Bush



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Tom Matzen

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