Enhance building performance, reduce environmental impact, and improve the efficiency of your project through our suite of Sustainability Services.

Sustainability Services

Green practices and programs to help you achieve overall building wellness, energy efficiency, and occupancy comfort.

As we become increasingly more aware of the impact that the built industry has on our environment, the demand for sustainable buildings has, and will continue to, skyrocket. At Jordan & Skala, we understand the importance of implementing green practices in our design strategies that enhance building performance, reduce environmental impact, and lower operational costs. 

Since 2009, our team of experts has specialized in a wide range of Sustainability services specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and Owner requirements of each project. Our extensive experience, as well as our close collaboration with our in-house MEP design team, provides us with an in-depth understanding of sustainable building practices, how engineered systems are intended to perform, overall building science, as well as virtually every green building program currently available at a local, national, and global level. 

Whether you’re looking to achieve a specific building or financial incentive program, or would like to implement a particular energy, residential, or construction service, our Sustainability team has the technical knowledge to deliver guidance, education, and implementation to reach and achieve your project goals. From the initial planning and design phase, through construction and operation, we work closely with our clients to implement feasible, practical, and measurable sustainability design solutions.

At JSE, we believe that sustainability isn’t solely about being environmentally friendly, but is also about creating buildings and spaces that are focused on overall wellness, comfortability, and efficiency.


Green Building Programs

Meet your efficiency and performance goals through a vast variety of data-backed local, national, and global green building and financial incentive programs.

Green Building Programs

Energy Services

Make evidence-based decisions to help decrease energy and water consumption, improve IAQ, as well as achieve or exceed energy code compliance.

Energy Services

Commercial Construction Services

Confirm that all major systems are working at peak capacity, providing optimal energy performance for your overall building, and comfort of the occupants.

Residential Construction Services

Residential Construction Services

Support long-term efficiency through the inspection, verification, and testing of any residential building component for projects across the nation.

Commercial Construction Services

Organizations We Work With

Jordan & Skala’s Sustainability Services team is a trusted partner with a wide variety of local, national, and global organizations and jurisdictions. Our team can assist with implementing virtually any type of green building program, energy code compliance, or general sustainability initiatives.

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Interested In a Lunch-And-Learn Or Webinar?

JSE’s Sustainability team provides convenient and informative AIA-accredited courses that can be delivered in-person via lunch-and-learn presentation or through a virtual webinar. Attendees can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) while expanding their knowledge on sustainability as it relates to building design.

2021 IECC Compliance Path and Major Changes for Multi-Family & Commercial Projects

Covers the compliance paths and major revisions related to the building envelope and energy-consuming systems in commercial and residential buildings that are included in the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code and ASHRAE 90.1-2019.

2015 IECC Multifamily Compliance Paths & Major Changes

Covers the compliance paths and major revisions related to the building envelope and energy consuming systems in commercial buildings that are included in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code and ASHRAE 90.1-2013.

2021 IECC Compliance Path and Major Changes for Interiors

Covers the energy code compliance paths and major revisions related to first time fit-outs, interior-only projects and renovations in commercial buildings that are included in the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code and ASHRAE 90.1-2019.

Health, Wellness & Sustainability in Multi-Family Housing

This course will explain the roles that indoor air quality strategies and certification programs, as well as HVAC advancements, have in meeting this growing expectation for health and wellness in multi-family housing.


This course discusses how by meeting the 45L Tax Credit requirements, a project can be more energy-efficient and the developer can help pay for the upgrades in the dwelling units using this incentive.

Energy Modeling

This course covers the fundamentals of energy modeling, its application in comparing building envelope and MEP systems, and discusses the energy model paths for residential and commercial energy compliance.

Want A Custom Training?

In addition to lunch-and-learn presentations and webinars, Jordan & Skala’s Sustainability Services team can work with your local jurisdiction to create a customized training session for your office.

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