MEP Engineering

Experience unrivaled design excellence, ranked as an MEP Giant, ENR Top 500 Design Firm, and Top 10 National Multi-Family Design Firm for over two decades.

MEP Engineering

Innovative, creative, and expertly-designed engineering solutions for virtually every project type.

MEP design is foundational to every building; although virtually unnoticed by the eye, the result of a well-integrated system is felt and experienced throughout the entire development. At JSE, we recognize that safety and comfort, project goals and budget, as well as industry standards and code requirements are critical to success. 

For 70+ years, JSE has operated as a full-service MEP engineering design firm, with strategically-located offices across the country. Our team is registered in all 50 states, providing nationwide coverage, accessibility, and expertise for projects of all types and sizes. 

At JSE, we understand that no two projects are the same and that there’s not a “one-size-fits-all” approach; we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized designs that not only meet — but exceed — our clients’ expectations. Through our expertise, experience, as well as cutting-edge technology, our clients receive the highest levels of quality, value, and service throughout the entire design process and project lifecycle. 

Driven by our vision to set the standard for engineering excellence, we continually strive to raise the bar. With a relentless focus on quality, value, and service, Jordan & Skala is poised to take on the most complex engineering challenges, as well as contribute to the creation of extraordinary spaces that shape the world around us.

MEP Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Leverage our team’s decades of HVAC and mechanical system experience to implement a tailored solution that fits your specific performance goals and operating budget.

Electrical Engineering

Achieve energy efficiency, safety, and high performance with cutting-edge and cost-effective building electrical systems, ranging from power distribution to fire alarm to electric vehicle charging.

Plumbing Engineering

Rest assured knowing that your building’s most intricate plumbing needs – both those visible and concealed – are designed with your end users’ comfort and ease-of-use at top of mind.

Featured MEP Projects

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Tampa, FL

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Arcade Sunshine

Washington, D.C.

Completion Date: 2019 Developer: Holladay Corporation Architect: Eric Colbert & Associates An exciting..

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Multiple Locations, OK, TN, & TX

Over the past five years, Jordan & Skala Engineers has..

Interested In A Lunch-And-Learn Or Webinar?

Our MEP engineering team offers a variety of AIA accredited courses available for in-person lunch-and-learn presentations or via webinar format, in which attendees receive Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Mechanical: HVAC System Enhancements for Improved IAQ

Overview of ASHRAE recommendations for improved indoor air quality for COVID-19 mitigation, and discusses the different technologies and equipment solutions that can be employed in improving IAQ and mitigation of COVID-19 inside of buildings.

Mechanical: Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning Basics for Multi-Family

Overview of the common HVAC systems types for multi-family developments and how these systems affect space planning and architectural coordination efforts. The course covers water sourced heat pump, VRF, chilled water, and direct expansion system overviews.

Mechanical: HVAC Basics for Mixed-Use, Retail, & Light Commercial

Overview of the HVAC systems types common to mixed-use, retail, and light commercial projects. The course covers coordination needs relating to space planning, layout, and building aesthetics as well as refrigeration, diffuser types, and system variations.

Mechanical: Intro to VRF/VRV Technology

Provides an explanation of what variable refrigerant flow/volume (VRF/VRV) systems are with emphasis on conventional direct expansion split and VRF/VRF system pros and cons, technical parameters, and basic equipment.

Electrical: Systems for Mixed-Use, Retail, & Multi-Family

Current practices in electrical systems design for mixed-use, retail, and multi-family, including the coordination of electrical requirements during design phase between architect/engineer for the successful design of electrical systems.

Electrical: Systems for Commercial Interiors

Provides basic understanding of electrical systems design for commercial interiors, including the coordination of electrical issues during schematic design and contract document phases between architect/engineer.

Electrical: Systems for Mixed-Use, Retail, & Hospitality

Provides a basic understanding of electrical systems design for mixed-use, retail, and hospitality buildings, including coordination during schematic design and construction document phases between all consultants involved.

Want A Custom Training?

Our MEP engineering design team offers a variety of AIA accredited courses available for in-person lunch-and-learn presentations or via webinar format, in which attendees receive Continuing Education Units (CEU).

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