Plumbing Engineering

From fire pumps to custom domestic hot water systems, our team creates plumbing and water systems for safety, efficiency, and ease of use.


Engineered comfort designed for your end users’ most intimate needs

Rest assured knowing that your building’s intricate plumbing needs – both those visible and concealed – are met with an award-winning team of professionals

Plumbing systems are perhaps the most dynamic in terms of both form and function. Every project has bespoke and unique needs, and the design of plumbing systems is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each system should be tailored to meet your building’s unique requirements by minimizing energy consumption, maximizing effectiveness, and prioritizing user comfortall while keeping fixture aesthetics at top of mind. Our team collaborates with clients to select low-flow fixtures that support sustainability and ESG measures, as well as complement the style and theme of the building’s interiors. 

With experience in pumping systems, water management, drainage, and gas system design, our team has designed plumbing systems for virtually every building type. Each system provided by Jordan & Skala’s award-winning team of engineers begins with the basics – safety, reliability, efficiency, and easy maintenanceand is complete with future-proofed design for any unforeseen circumstances or new technologies.

Plumbing Engineering Services

Jordan & Skala Engineers offers plumbing engineering consulting and design services for the following:

Why JSE?

Award-Winning Team

Ranked as an MEP Giant since 2001 by Consulting-Specifying Engineer as well as a Top 10 Multi-Family and Top 500 Design Firm by ENR, our firm is a trusted leader in the A/E/C industry. Our rankings reflect the seasoned experts and dedicated staff that make up Jordan & Skala Engineers, which separate us from the rest.

Tailored Approach

Our team understands that each project is unique, where variables across market sectors, regions, and client goals warrant custom design discussions. Jordan & Skala’s engineers listen to the project team and chart desired and feasible solutions throughout the design lifecycle that help deliver the product on time and within budget.

Years of Experience

Our journey started in 1953, and throughout that time, we designed for virtually every climate, system, and building type available. With senior experts who have the experience and resources, Jordan & Skala Engineers is ready to deliver quality engineering for any project.

Our Plumbing Engineering Team

Jim Allen

Jim Allen


Senior Associate
Plumbing Discipline Director

Jessica Diaz

Jessica Diaz

Senior Associate
Plumbing Regional Director

Jeremy Waits

Jeremy Waits


Fire Protection Discipline Director

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