Communications Systems

Safeguard electronic networks, deploy WiFi, and ensure emergency call capabilities, regardless of your building’s location.


Strengthen Building Connectivity

Enhanced reliability, state-of-the-art building integration, and continuous connectivity from our team of leading low voltage experts

A robust and reliable communications systems infrastructure is a critical component of today’s building functionality and design. As these ever-evolving systems continue to advance in terms of capabilities and speed, it’s imperative that your building is up-to-date with adequate bandwidth, fast network speeds, advanced security, as well as reliability and redundancy – all while being easy to manage. In order to meet these requirements, it’s critical that the communications infrastructure be considered and included at the beginning of the overall design of the building. 

Jordan & Skala’s team of Low Voltage experts has extensive experience working and coordinating with services providers, Fire Marshalls (applicable for projects requiring ERRC), architectural design teams, Owners, and other design team disciplines for building types ranging from auditoriums to commercial offices to high-security courtrooms. Additionally, our team provides cost-effective designs and specifications for a wide range of network systems, including voice, data, video surveillance, WiFi, access control, distributed audio, building automation, and point-of-sale systems.

Communication System Services

JSE’s Low Voltage team offers consulting and design services for the following communications systems:

Why JSE?

Breadth of Experience

Starting in 2001 our team has designed low voltage systems across multiple market types (for example, municipal, high-rise, industrial, mixed-use) affording us the experience to provide solutions ranging from the most complex to the most traditional projects.

Budget & Schedule Management

Seamless interdisciplinary coordination and accurate cost estimating are central to our team’s design process. We leverage our deep industry connections to work with other consultants and vendors to help bring the design in on time and within budget.

Client Retention

Our low voltage team has built relationships independent of our MEP trades that extend over 20+ years. Commitment to delivering quality designs while educating clients on various options and technologies in a budget- and schedule-friendly manner leads us to have strong, repeat relationships.

Our Low Voltage Team

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Senior Associate
Manager of Low Voltage

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