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Advanced electronic security systems, IP video surveillance, and access controls designed to meet your building’s unique needs.


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Tailor-integrated low voltage systems and electronic controls to fortify any project type across the United States

Today, robust and well-integrated electronic security systems are increasingly necessary for building security – but planning the design and implementation of each system is quite challenging since they’re unique to every building and vary depending on location, building type, as well as what rooms need to be secured.

Many coordination meetings are involved between the security designer, architect, Owner, and door hardware consultants, as there is no room for error in building security. These meetings are used to discuss access requirements of tenants, guests, and vehicles into the building and parking areas. In addition, camera placement, elevator controls, stair usage, emergency phones/call, and intrusion detection needs are determined during this time.

Jordan & Skala’s team has extensive experience in designing and implementing robust security systems for various building and facility types. Our team is very knowledgeable about the intricate details of how each system works for seamless and efficient implementation into each project. Additionally, while in today’s market there are many qualified contractors that can install low voltage systems, the majority do not have the skill set to implement systems beyond structured cabling. Our Low Voltage narratives and specifications create barriers to entry for non-qualified contractors.

We have created several programs that enable us to design systems with greater accuracy, while also generating budgetary cost estimates and detailed design schedules. As a result, our system designs are uniquely tailored for each project while maintaining the client’s budget. With clients in all sectors, ranging from government facilities to commercial buildings, security systems designed by Jordan & Skala are dynamically customized to meet the needs of your project.

Security System Services

JSE’s Low Voltage team offers consulting and design services for the following security systems:

Why JSE?

Breadth of Experience

Starting in 2001, our team has designed low voltage systems across multiple market types (for example, municipal, high-rise, industrial, mixed-use) affording us the experience to provide solutions ranging from the most complex to the most traditional projects.

Budget & Schedule Management

Seamless interdisciplinary coordination and accurate cost estimating are central to our team’s design process. We leverage our deep industry connections to work with other consultants and vendors to help bring the design in on time and within budget.

Client Retention

Our low voltage team has built relationships independent of our MEP trades that extend over 20+ years. Commitment to delivering quality designs while educating clients on various options and technologies in a budget- and schedule-friendly manner leads us to have strong, repeat relationships.

Our Security Systems Team

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

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Manager of Low Voltage

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