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Shreveport, LA

Completion Date: 2023

Architect: Macgregor Associates Architects

Project Cosmeaux is a 3.2M SF 5-level distribution fulfillment center located in Shreveport, LA. Jordan & Skala Engineers supplied MEP design services alongside life safety and EV charging services. Over the course of the project life cycle, our team navigated supply chain issues, particularly affecting the electrical equipment and schedule, that were resolved through creative design solutions.

The addition of new technologies throughout the life of Project Cosmeaux resulted in frequently changing electrical thresholds. These fluctuations caused the overall electrical loads to continually increase during the design phase and even into the construction phase of the project. Our team tailored the electrical system into a modular-type design where new electrical loads could be served in blocks as needed to support the owner’s equipment to meet the evolving requirements.

Procurement issues for long lead electrical distribution equipment presented a secondary challenge that inhibited aspects of the design process. To keep construction moving forward on Project Cosmeaux, our team installed a series of main and intermediate distribution panels throughout the facility. They were located on different floor levels at strategic locations and served from multiple electric services. This approach allowed the system to support the changing electrical loads. When the approved technology equipment finally arrived, the improvised electrical distribution equipment design proved its worth. It was sufficient to support the new technology equipment loads even after several iterations of owner equipment changes.

Project Cosmeaux exemplifies the need for adaptability and flexible design, especially in times of strain on the supply chain and project budgets. Our team felt determined to ensure our clients received a development that met their expectations. We are proud the final result reflects our resiliency and commitment to high quality and adaptive design.



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