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Columbus, GA

Developer: Health Systems Development

Architect: Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects

Ridgecrest Rehab & Skilled Nursing Center is a single-story skilled nursing facility located in Columbus, GA that was completed in 2021. This new construction project included 64 shared rooms, 21 private rooms, a kitchen, dining area, physical and speech therapy spaces, and administrative offices.

Mechanically, the building utilized rooftop units and a dedicated outside air system (DOAS). Jordan & Skala Engineers also assessed the system’s efficiency at mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens, a prevalent concern during the design phase. Energy recovery units were also utilized to maintain pressurization and air exchange requirements for all patient rooms.

In terms of electrical systems, pad-mounted transformers and a grade-mounted generator were installed. Although backup generators are not typical for single-story residential buildings, it was necessary to ensure any equipment the patients or nurses required would stay online during potential outages. The generator has 96 hours of fuel run-time, and a 600A manual transfer switch to backup the electrical loads specified by the owner.

Ridgecrest’s plumbing systems included standard waste and vent systems, a central water heater for patient rooms, and a kitchen with a grease trap. Separate waste and vent systems were employed due to the building’s single-story layout.

Our team encountered a challenge due to the building layout when approaching the HVAC system design serving the kitchen, which was located separately from the main building and opened directly to the exterior. If unconditioned air is brought into kitchens, due to negative pressure conditions related to the exhaust requirements of kitchen hoods, risks of condensation and humidity issues can increase. To avoid negative pressure conditions and ensure neutral pressurization within the kitchen, our team had to determine the best way to pressurize the kitchen area. By performing the necessary air balance calculations and regarding the HVAC systems with extra consideration, our team was able to select systems that provide adequate conditioned make up air to the kitchen in order to balance the exhaust requirements and provide neutral pressurization.

In the delivery of successful health services projects, exemplified by Ridgecrest Rehab & Skilled Nursing Center, careful consideration to MEP design is imperative to achieve a patient-centered solution. We are proud to have delivered comprehensive engineering services for this development that meets the needs of a skilled nursing facility and promotes safety and wellness for its occupants.




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