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45L Tax Credit Webinar

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Watch our National 45L Tax Credit Webinar!

Check out this webinar to hear leaders from Jordan & Skala Engineers’ Sustainability team discuss opportunties that the 45L Tax Credit offers residential developers.

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About the Webinar:

Recently revised by the U.S. Congress as part of the Inflation Reduction Act package, the 45L Tax Credit is a popular discussion in the industry as multi-family developers are experiencing cost premiums due to expedited delivery, labor, and other factors in the current market. This revised tax credit benefits these developers and the overall A/E industry relating to multi-family and single-family-for-rent developments. We at Jordan & Skala Engineers are excited to have hosted a webinar – “45L Tax Credit: What You Need to Know” – to cover its history, requirements, and eligible projects.

This webinar discusses how to earn the 45L Tax Credit, an overview of ENERGY STAR and its pathways and goals, as well as the delta to achieve this credit through available paths compared to code requirements.

Jordan & Skala’s Sustainability team led the discussion featuring our Sr. Sustainability Manager, James Brauer, Sustainability Client Solutions expert, Mike Dawson, and Principal, Andy Smith.

Thank you to all who joined the live webinar about the 45L Tax Credit and its impact on residential developments. Please fill out the form for those who would like to view the webinar recording. The recording along with a copy of the slide deck will open in a separate tab.

Topics Covered

Revisions to the 45L Tax Credit

Explaining the history and goals of 45L since its inception in 2006, new eligible project types, and additional modifications applicable for the next 10 years .

Steps for ENERGY STAR Compliance

Discussing what developers and design partners should be aware of as they utilize ENERGY STAR to achieve the 45L Tax Credit.

Identifying Delta from Code Requirements

Identifying areas where code requirements help offset ENERGY STAR costs to make achieving the 45L Tax Credit feasible.

Meet the Panelists

James Brauer

James Brauer

Sr. Manager of Sustainability
Mike Dawson

Mike Dawson

Sustainability Client Solutions

Jordan & Skala Engineers
770.447.5547 x 10168

Andy Smith

Andy Smith


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