David Levesque

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David Levesque

Senior Associate & HVAC Regional Director, Dallas

As the HVAC Regional Director and Senior Associate at Jordan & Skala Engineers, David Levesque brings over two and a half decades of experience in building design. His journey, which began in 1996 with mechanical design, has evolved to include project management, energy efficiency, team leadership, and a current focus on standards and quality assurance. Since joining Jordan & Skala in 2003, David has played a key role in diverse projects nationwide.

David’s project portfolio spans high-rise multi-family, high-density mixed-use, garden-style multi-family, office renovations, office shell and core, retail fit-outs/renovation, and industrial/warehouse facilities. His involvement encompasses various project phases, including design, coordination, construction administration, project management, construction administration, and quality control.

As an HVAC Regional Director, he is responsible for technical standards development and implementation as well as Quality Control of project HVAC design.