James Brauer

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James Brauer

Associate Principal & Senior Manager of Sustainability, Dallas

James Brauer brings nearly two decades of rich experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, having joined Jordan & Skala Engineers in 2017. Currently serving as an Associate Principal and Senior Manager of Sustainability, James leads a dynamic team through projects of diverse sizes and scopes.

With a specialized focus on inspecting, consulting, and training for energy code and green building certification programs, James leads the Sustainability team to provide practical building solutions for a better tomorrow. They achieve this by listening to the clients’ goals and needs, identifying the most cost-effective, least burdensome pathway to meet those needs, and then implementing the pathway with a partnership mindset for mutual success.

Beyond his integral role at Jordan & Skala, James actively engages with the sustainability community. His contributions include a four-year term on the LEED Technical Committee, teaching classes for the University of North Texas, reviewing technical papers, and participating as a speaker at various conferences. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, James Brauer brings invaluable insights that significantly enhance both Jordan & Skala and the experience of its clients.