Tung Nguyen

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Tung Nguyen

Senior Associate

Tung Nguyen, a licensed engineer and LEED Accredited Professional, brings more than two decades of electrical systems design expertise to his role at Jordan & Skala Engineers. With a commendable ten-year tenure, Tung holds the position of Senior Associate, overseeing a dedicated team of senior and junior-level electrical designers.

In his role, Tung serves as a pivotal figure, directing and guiding his team through the intricacies of electrical system design. Actively participating in client meetings for his discipline, he meticulously reviews client requests and inquiries, ensuring seamless coordination with other trades. Tung’s commitment to excellence extends to providing quality control for his team’s drawings, wiring diagrams, and wiring connections, showcasing his dedication to precision.

Proficient in REVIT and AutoCad, Tung leverages his extensive knowledge in lighting design, power system design, riser diagrams, and panel schedules. This technical prowess allows him to deliver successful designs across projects of varying size, market type, and scope. Tung Nguyen’s leadership and technical acumen significantly contribute to the successful execution of projects at Jordan & Skala Engineers.