An MEP Giant: Jordan & Skala Rising Through the Decades

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JSE advanced seven spots in CSE’s 2020 MEP Giants, coming in at 37th!

As the world is ever-changing, it is hard to find constants of any kind; this especially rings true in business and the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. There are always new markets and locations to explore, economic expansions and shrinks to endure, communities to help — and sometimes even a world-altering pandemic. Jordan & Skala Engineers’ journey as a firm is no different in this way, and after 65 years of engineering excellence, some of our veteran engineers may say that they have seen it all.

With that in mind, Jordan & Skala has strived each year to be a much-needed constant in MEP engineering for our clients, our industry, and the communities that we serve. This lofty goal is the very reason why we are proud to celebrate our 19th consecutive year recognized by Consulting-Specifying Engineer as an MEP Giant. This data-driven award represents many key metrics for our firm, but to us, it most importantly symbolizes our ability to listen, communicate, and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the people we serve. It also reiterates our commitment to providing our clients with peace of mind in having a trusted, go-to expert in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.

We celebrate this significant achievement with many other industry leaders who collectively grossed over $67 billion dollars in revenue this last year, a nearly $8 billion dollar increase from 2019 alone. Jordan & Skala also experienced an exciting 7-spot jump from last year’s award listing, now ranking as the 37th MEP Giant in 2020!

We are truly humbled by this award, and by our client-backed success in this last year – a year of many changes. We do not take our rank lightly and will continue to relentlessly strive to be a constant in quality MEP design engineering.

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