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Energy & Water: Conservation Innovations & Concepts

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Watch the “Energy and Water: Conservation Innovations and Concepts” Panel Discussion!

Check out the video below to hear leaders from Jordan & Skala Engineers, EcoSystems LLC, and The University of North Texas discuss the latest innovations, technologies, and concepts for water and energy for developments in the built environment.

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About the Panel Discussion:

As the commercial real estate and built environment continues to see a concerted effort towards ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives, more and more players and stakeholders in the A/E/C (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) are realizing the importance of sustainable buildings. We, at Jordan & Skala Engineers, understand the importance of incorporating sustainable measures into our buildings and, therefore, we’re excited to have hosted a live panel discussion — “Energy & Water Conservation Innovation & Concepts” — at the 2022 BUILT National ESG/Sustainability & Multi-Housing Summit hosted in Denver, CO.

The session discussed the latest sustainability trends for energy and water conservation including low-flow plumbing fixtures, how conservation and lowering energy consumption makes a compelling business case, as well as the rise of microgrids and how small communities can switch off from the electrical grid and operate independently.

Jordan & Skala Engineers’ Senior Manager of Sustainability, James Brauer, as well as JSE’s Director of Plumbing Engineering, Jim Allen, joined energy conservation leaders including The University of North Texas’ Clinical Assistant Professor, Hassan Qandil, and EcoSystems LLC’s Co-Founder and CEO, Richard Lamondin, in this interactive panel discussion.

Thank you to all of those who joined the live discussion about the future of ESG and sustainability in the A/E/C industry as it relates to energy and water consumption. Additionally, thank you to BUILT National for inviting Jordan & Skala Engineers to participate in this presentation. For those who would like to view the recording of the webinar, please fill out the form below and the recording of the panel will open in a separate tab.

Topics Covered

The Pros & Cons of Microgrids

Explaining what microgrids are, how they are utilized, and they can assist in lower costs of energy.

Building Efficiency Using Smart Water Meters

Discussing how smart water heaters can assist in identifying potential inefficiencies and, in turn, add to the overall bottom line.

Lower Energy Consumption Creates Compelling Business Case

Discussing how implementing ESG initiatives at scale can assist in strengthening your portfolio.

Meet the Panelists

James Brauer

James Brauer

Senior Manager of Sustainability
Jim Allen

Jim Allen

Director of Plumbing Engineering
Hassan Qandil

Hassan Qandil

Clinical Assistant Professor
Richard Lamondin

Richard Lamondin

Co-Founder & CEO

I found the conference exceedingly well-planned, right-sized, and the schedule and events thoughtfully curated. It was a terrific use of my time, even being far from home, and I am certain it will pay dividends in many ways in the future.

This was a timely discussion given that sustainability is a big topic of conversation in the real estate industry. It was great to hear what some of the leaders in the space are doing and learning more about the challenges and solutions to various problems.

Being able to share insightful data and understand how industry peers are handling this rapidly growing priority was invaluable from a learning opportunity standpoint.

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