HomeLatest NewsGeneral Session: Fitwel, BREEAM, NGBS & 45L: Optimal Pathways & Potential Synergies

General Session: Fitwel, BREEAM, NGBS & 45L: Optimal Pathways & Potential Synergies

HomeLatest NewsGeneral Session: Fitwel, BREEAM, NGBS & 45L: Optimal Pathways & Potential Synergies

Watch the “General Session: Fitwel, BREEAM, NGBS & 45L: Optimal Pathways and Potential Synergies” Panel Discussion!

Check out the panel discussion below to hear leaders from Jordan & Skala Engineers, Fitwel, BRE, and Home Innovation Research Labs (NGBS) discuss their expertise in above-code green programs as well as financial incentives for stakeholders in the  A/E/C industry.

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About the Panel Discussion:

Research continues to show tenant satisfaction and demand as an ever-increasing driver for healthy buildings, and stakeholders in the A/E/C industry are tapping into this interest. We, at Jordan & Skala Engineers, understand the plethora of information and options regarding green building programs. Therefore, we’re excited to have hosted a live panel discussion — “FitWel, BREEAM, NGBS & 45L: Optimal Pathways and Potential Synergies” — at the 2022 BUILT National ESG/Sustainability & Multi-Housing Summit, hosted in Denver, Colorado, to provide an overview of these popular pathways towards more sustainable buildings.

This session discusses some of the premier green building programs, noting their mission in the built environment, defining their overlap and differentiators, and steps to offset first cost when voluntarily going above code in sustainable initiatives.

Jordan & Skala’s Principal, Regina Young, moderated, while the panel consisted of key leaders in the green program space, including our very own Sr. Manager of Sustainability, James Brauer, Fitwel’s Business Development Manager, Carter Ahlbrandt, BRE’s (BREEAM) Director of Operations – US, Breana Wheeler, and Home Innovation Research Labs’ (NGBS) Vice President, Sustainability, Michelle Foster.

Thank you to all of those who joined the live discussion. For those who would like to view the video recording, please fill out the form below, and the panel recording will open in a separate tab.

Topics Covered

Drivers for Green Programs

Explaining the mission some of the most popular green building programs have for the built environment

Program Synergies & Differentiators

Discussing what makes each program unique, while identifying overlap and similarities

Financial Incentives

Discussing popular financial incentives for healthy buildings, such as 45L

Meet the Panelists

Regina Young

Regina Young

James Brauer

James Brauer

Sr. Manager of Sustainability
Carter Ahlbrandt

Carter Ahlbrandt

Business Development Manager
Breana Wheeler

Breana Wheeler

Director of Operations - US
Michelle Foster

Michelle Foster

Vice President, Sustainability

I found the conference exceedingly well-planned, right-sized, and the schedule and events thoughtfully curated. It was a terrific use of my time, even being far from home, and I am certain it will pay dividends in many ways in the future.

This was a timely discussion given that sustainability is a big topic of conversation in the real estate industry. It was great to hear what some of the leaders in the space are doing and learning more about the challenges and solutions to various problems.

Being able to share insightful data and understand how industry peers are handling this rapidly growing priority was invaluable from a learning opportunity standpoint.

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