NGBS Green Partner of Excellence: JSE Selected as 2017 Recipient

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Jordan & Skala Engineers has been selected as a 2017 NGBS Green Partner of Excellence through Home Innovations.

Home Innovation Research Labs is celebrating their 100,000th Green Home Certification and because of that they have recognized 100 NGBS Green Partners for outstanding contributions to advancing the green building effort. They have recognized us for our sustained excellence as an accredited NGBS Green Verifier, our overall leadership in the field, and our unwavering commitment to high-performance homes and multifamily buildings.

Thank you to Home Innovation Research Labs for recognizing our firm as a 2017 NGBS Green Partner of Excellence!

Are you in need of sustainability services? We have a multi-faceted team that can handle whatever your green buildings needs may be. Our Engineers provide carefully thought-out designs that minimize energy usage to reduce the strain on our nation’s resources and decreases your operating costs. Our Sustainability team can provide green building program inspections (NGBS, LEED, Energy Star, etc.), Energy Modeling, testing (IAQ testing, duct tightness, blower door and airflow testing), and commissioning services.

There is still a lot to be done to advance Green Building Efforts; room for improvement and barriers to overcome. Jordan & Skala Engineers is helping out by making it easier for you. Sustainability planning, design, verification and management with one call. It’s never been so easy to be green.

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