Jordan & Skala Engineers named a 2023 Top Workplace U.S.

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We are excited to announce that for 2023, our 70th year in business, Jordan & Skala Engineers was selected as a Top U.S. Workplace. This achievement has been earned through the contribution of each and every employee, and we are proud!  JSE has experienced impressive growth in a multitude of areas since our start in 1953.

This award is special because it’s based on feedback from our employees, our greatest asset, surveyed independently through a third-party company. We excelled particularly in the categories of engagement, values, open-mindedness, development, benefits, and work-life balance.

Engagement & Values:

Our values are our guardrails on the way to achieving our corporate vision. We hold ourselves accountable to the tenets of respect, expertise, relationships, and integrity. The healthy engagement of our staff to their peers and clients is vital to our success. People simply work better in a friendly environment with improved communication, reduced stress, and rewarding work.

“I truly feel like my team needs me and what I do greatly contributes to our team and company’s success. I also feel respected and valued by others that seek out or are at least willing to listen to my opinions or suggestions.” – JSE Employee in Charlotte

Development & Benefits:

We safeguard the public with our designs. The first step to accomplishing this responsibility is granting our employees with opportunities for growth and development. We invest in technology, training, and benefits to elevate our employees to higher levels of expertise and job satisfaction.

“The company has all of the resources one would need to advance his/her career. The company also offers a competitive incentive package that is at the top of our industry.” – JSE Employee in Atlanta

Work-Life Balance:

Flexibility is a cultural driver at Jordan & Skala and paramount in today’s environment. We strive to be flexible with our staff to help them produce the highest quality work while respecting their time and roles outside of the firm.

“JSE gives us the opportunity to pick our schedule. They do that with a few work-from-home days and a few in-office days. This helps employees create a schedule that best works for their mental health and allows them to be the best employee they can be.” – JSE Employee in Atlanta

The Jordan & Skala team is proud to earn the 2023 Top U.S. Workplaces Award and we are happy to provide an environment that allows our team to flourish. To learn more about our firm and career opportunities visit our career page.

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