Rendering image provided by 5G Studios of a blurred emergency medical care facility in which Jordan & Skala Engineers provided MEP Engineering services to.

MEP Engineering Services Provided by JSE to Emergency Medical Care Facility

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Leaving a Legacy in Allen, Texas

Jordan & Skala Engineers is providing comprehensive MEP engineering services for the development of this freestanding Emergency Medical Care facility in Allen, Texas.  The design concept from 5G Studio is built upon the success of the Frisco, Texas facility which was also designed by 5G.  You can see the distinctive architecture and interior design of the facility in the renderings which have become synonymous with the brand recognition and exceptional medical service offered by Legacy ER.

The 7,632 SF building combines two traditionally separate programs, the Emergency Room and the Urgent Care, under one roof. The architectural design marries elements of sustainable and evidence-based design to offer a soothing environment for patients seeking care under distressed conditions.

The project held its groundbreaking ceremony on March 21, 2013 and is poised to become a new landmark in the City. 5G Studio Collaborative was also honored with the 2013 AIA Unbuilt Design Award for this project. Jordan & Skala Engineers is proud to leave a legacy and provide MEP engineering services along with 5G Studio.

Rendering provided by 5G Studio Collaborative.

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