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MEP Services Provided by JSE to Lakeshore II Residential Building

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Building on the success of a previous project for developer Cypress Realty, (East Avenue), Jordan & Skala is currently completing construction documents for Lakeshore II, a residential apartment community in Austin Texas. Jordan & Skala is providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing system design (MEP services) for the $25M, 5-story development.

At 280,960SF, the community features multiple residential floor plans, a fitness center, community rooms and an outdoor pool.  The building structure is a hybrid of concrete and wood construction.

During preconstruction, Jordan & Skala worked closely with project architects Good, Fulton and Farrel to anticipate and circumvent potential challenges before they occurred.  Aware of the local utility company’s rigorous infrastructure guidelines, and aware of the site’s space limitations, Jordan & Skala initiated a pre-design meeting with utility officials to coordinate the MEP services, as well as transformer and meter center locations.  The strategy worked; to date design documents have been approved by local authorities and construction will soon begin – on schedule!

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