Image of Marg Grace Milam and Michelle King on a construction site visit during Mary Grace's summer intership at Jordan & Skala

My Summer Internship at Jordan & Skala Engineers

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“With the summer having come to a close and the school year back in progress, I have officially finished my second summer internship at Jordan & Skala Engineers. My first semester working at Jordan & Skala was in the summer of 2013. At the time, I was a member of a project team and assisted the mechanical engineers with drafting HVAC systems using AutoCAD.

This past summer I was able to experience the other side of the A/E/C industry as I worked alongside Jordan & Skala’s Marketing Department. It was fascinating having taken part in a project’s design process two years ago and then seeing it come to life in the present. It has been incredibly rewarding, yet humbling, seeing what Jordan & Skala has been able to accomplish and contribute to the rapidly growing city of Atlanta.

Just recently, the Marketing team and I visited a few Jordan & Skala project job sites that are currently under construction in Midtown and Buckhead Atlanta. It seemed as if every other street we drove by had a Jordan & Skala project going up. Some projects we saw during our Midtown trip included Post Millennium Apartments, One Museum Place, AMLI Piedmont Heights, and University House Midtown.

Even though my current internship has come to a close, I look forward to seeing what future developments Jordan & Skala has in store for our growing city.”

Mary Grace Milam

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