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NGBS Green Verifier on the Jordan & Skala Engineers Team

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Developers of multi-family projects who are looking for a sustainable program that is both energy saving and cost-efficient,  should consider developing projects utilizing the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS).  The program, which is the only residential green building rating system approved by ANSI as an American National Standard, is a holistic approach to sustainability. Jordan & Skala is proud to have an NGBS Green Verifier on the team!

In comparison to the USGBC LEED program, the NGBS standard, as well as the process to become an NGBS Green Verifier, is a prescriptive approach which eliminates the need for energy modeling and makes the achievement of qualifying points more reliable.  Other aspects that differ from the LEED program include:

  • NGBS requires participants to implement sustainable design throughout all aspects of a project.  Unlike the LEED program, NGBS qualifying points must be distributed in each design category. The LEED program has more emphasis on the quantity of sustainable initiatives instead of where the initiatives were achieved.
  • NGBS provides project teams a contact person, at no additional cost, to discuss project progress and answer questions.
  • NGBS allows for faster notification of program accomplishment.  After a project has been inspected by a certified NGBS verifier, projects will receive notice of their accomplishment in 48 hours.

Recognizing the flexibility this program gives developers, Jordan & Skala both designs NGBS qualifying systems and provides certified third-party inspection services.

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